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Bolton Hill Company

California Homebuilders

Welcome to Bolton Hill Company

For over fifteen years Bolton Hill Company has provided Community Disclosure Statements to California’s top homebuilders. Our comprehensive, cost-effective documents can improve the homebuyer’s purchase and ownership experience and help protect homebuilders from disclosure disputes by identifying and disclosing the full range of information that is essential to the home buying decision. We customize each Community Disclosure Statement to meet the needs and standards of the homebuilder.

Bolton Hill provides Disclosure Statements for master developers and merchant builders working in small and large urban, suburban and exurban areas throughout the state. We have extensive experience with all new home products in single and mixed-product developments including single-family homes, duets, townhomes, and/or condominiums in these and other development types:

  • stand-alone residential subdivisions
  • common interest developments
  • mixed-use residential and commercial developments
  • developments within specific plan areas
  • subdivisions within master planned developments
  • active adult/age-restricted communities
  • multi-story urban condominiums with and without ground floor commercial
  • developments within former military base reuse plans

Walton Lighthouse, Santa Cruz, California